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  • Q.

    Why do session times only show for a week at a time?


    Like all cinemas we plan our sessions times week by week, based on the performance of each film. If a film is very popular, or the opposite, it allows us to adjust the number and times of sessions to meet the demand.

    Session times are usually announced every Monday afternoon. The cinema week is Thursday – Wednesday.

    This being the case, there may be times where less than a week of session times are listed:
    Eg. On a Sunday afternoon, there may only be 3 days of session times listed. The following week of session times will be released the following Monday afternoon.

  • Q.

    I came to see a film in 3D, but it was only screening in 2D, why don't you show a 3D version?


    A 2D film is shot using one roll of film and one lens (as is common in traditional cinema). A 3D film is shot using two rolls of film and two lenses (corresponding to the left and right eye). If a film was not shot in 3D it cannot be screened as a 3D film.

  • Q.

    Lost property


    If you have lost something at the Theatre - Mobile Phone, Camera, Wallet or anything else - please send us a message using the feedback form above and one of our customer service team will contact you and let you know if we have found it and your options for retrieval. 

    All school hats and other property is automatically returned to the school when we find it.

  • Q.

    What does NO FREE LIST or No Free Tickets (NFT) mean?


    Complimentary tickets or other forms of "free" entry are not permitted for any film marked NO FREE LIST. Also referred to as "NFT" or NO FREE TICKETS.

    Generally, No Free Listings last for approximately the first 10 days* of opening of a new feature film, but it is essential to check the listings online for details before planning to use any vouchers or complimentary tickets.

    * The period of no free listing may vary from film to film.

  • Q.

    What films are available on DVD?


    A selection of IMAX film DVDs are available for sale at the IMAX Theatre Box Office. Alternatively try your local DVD retailer.

  • Q.

    What age is considered a child if I want to purchase a 'Child' ticket?


    Children are considered 3-15 years of age.

    Children under 3 years of age do not require a ticket, but will be required to sit on a parent's lap. Please note that due to the large size and volume of our films, it may not be appropriate to bring infants to the theatre.

  • Q.

    If my child is under 3 years, do they need to pay?


    The age for paid child tickets is 3 - 15 years inclusive.

    Below age 3, children may sit on an adult's lap throughout the film, however we do not encourage children of this age as the experience is very impactful, with a very large picture (the largest in the world) and a 15,000 watt sound system. Before you decide to bring a small child, under the age of 3 ears, into the auditorium, please consider the enjoyment of all other customers and the suitability of the experience for your child.

  • Q.

    Should I bring my baby or infant to a movie?


    IMAX does not have "mums and bubs" film sessions and we ask that for the enjoyment of other guests that babies and children under the age of 5 years DO NOT attend screenings of films classified as M (Mature), MA15+ (Mature Accompanied) or R (Restricted). 

    The very large scale of the IMAX picture, coupled with the impactful 15,000 watt sound system, is likely to overstimulate and unsettle babies and very small children. For this reason, we strongly recommend that children under the age of 5 years DO NOT attend screenings of films designed for adult audiences. 

    While children under the age of 3 years may sit on a parent's lap at no cost during film screenings, we encourage parents to limit this to G and PG films only.

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