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  • Q.

    Is the theatre accessible for wheelchairs or those with special needs?


    Yes.  The accessible entry to the theatre is situated at the Eastern end of the building (the side nearest the City and Wheat Road).  Follow the Accessible Entry signs to get to the lift.  Take the lift to Level 2 to purchase tickets.  If you are in a wheelchair or unable to use the stairs our staff will assist you access the theatre via the lifts where there is accessible seating and space for wheelchairs.

  • Q.

    Are Theatre seat numbers allocated when tickets are purchased?


    Yes, allocated seating is available, but only for selected new release films.

    When purchasing a ticket for a selected film screening at the IMAX Theatre Sydney you will be given a ticket for a specific seat in the auditorium. 

    The theatre uses a ‘best available’ seating allocation when tickets are booked.  When you book a ticket (online or over the counter) the ticketing system will allocate you a numbered seat.  

    Before finalising your online purchase you can check this seat against the theatre seating plan to ensure you are happy with the seats you have been allocated.  If you are happy you can then proceed with your booking.  

    If you do not like your seating allocation you need to cancel your current booking and start the booking process again (however there is no guarantee this will get you a better seat). 

    Bookings made over the counter cannot be changed.

    CLICK HERE to download a SEATING PLAN MAP.

  • Q.

    Can I download a Seat Plan diagram?


    Yes, you can download a seating plan.

    CLICK HERE to download a SEATING PLAN MAP.

  • Q.

    What does NO FREE LIST or No Free Tickets (NFT) mean?


    Complimentary tickets or other forms of "free" entry are not permitted for any film marked NO FREE LIST. Also referred to as "NFT" or NO FREE TICKETS. Generally, No Free Listings last for approximately the first 10 days* of opening of a new feature film, but it is essential to check the listings online for details before planning to use any vouchers or complimentary tickets.

    * The period of no free listing may vary from film to film.

  • Q.

    Can I book a wheelchair space on line?


    No. To ensure these spaces are not bought by the general public you cannot book these online. To arrange a booking for a wheelchair space please contact the Duty Manager on 02 9213 1632

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