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  • RELEASE: 13 Sep 1996
  • RUNTIME: 45 Mins
  • Rating: G - General

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Antarctica takes audiences on an epic adventure to places unknown, seemingly unattainable and beyond imagination, allowing them to vividly experience what life is really like on the planet's largest, driest desert.

This is a totally immersive cinema experience like no other, bringing Antarctica to its audience in spectacular dimensions on the world's largest screen.

The icy chasms and towering glacial peaks become the landscape for a breathtaking aerial journey. Join the first humans to swim through crystalline caverns submerged within the Chaos Glacier; or drop through a weakened snow bridge into the jaws of a dark and deadly crevasse.

From the South Pole watch the sun make its daily trip around the world without ever dipping below the horizon.

The sight of emperor penguins perform an enthralling underwater ballet below the ice cap makes for some truly memorable cinematic moments that linger in the mind long after the film has finished.

Running time 45 minutes.

Ideal for all case studies of Antarctica studied in Science and HSIE -

"Excellent mixture of Science, History, Geography and Biology. A very sympathetic treatment of the complexiity of the area."
- C. Turla, Blakehurst High School

"We brought Stage 3 to see 'Shackleton's Antarctica Adventure' last year , loved it. This was just as good if not better. Links in with HSIE unit on Antarctica."
- D. Bates, Leumeah Public School

Worldwide acclaim for Antarctica -

John Weiley's film "Antarctica"... is a breathtaking and unique experience and a real cinematic treasure.... nothing like "Antarctica" has ever been seen before.
- The Los Angeles Times

John Weiley's "Antarctica" seamlessly combines information and artistry... But Weiley and his team also provide the surreal, the mystical and the utterly amazing.
- The Chicago Tribune

Antarctica is... jaw droppingly beautiful and staggeringly frightful, this hale and hearty cinematic trip is a bracing experience... to us professional movie goer types the first instinct is to say ILM sure did a good job on the special effects here, so inspiring is this ice world view and so astonishing is the jeopardy of the camera crew.
- Hollywood Reporter

From the shots of the antics of the penguins to its amazing footage of under ice explorations accompanied by poetic yet spare narration, this movie is astounding.
- Toronto Star

Rated Film Pick of the Week in preference to all major Hollywood films released at the time.
- Los Angeles Weekly

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