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Egypt 3D: Secrets of the Mummies

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Egypt 3D: Secrets of the Mummies

  • RELEASE: 20 Aug 2009
  • RUNTIME: 45 Mins
  • Rating: G - General

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Thursday, 1 September 10am
Friday, 2 September 1pm
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  • Experience the fascinating world of ancient Egypt's mummies and monuments
  • Experience it in eye-popping IMAX 3D
  • 15,000 watts of digital surround sound
  • Dramatic stadium-style seating


What is it about mummies? Where does the human intrigue with mummies come from? They fascinate and they intrigue us, but why? Is it because they blur the line between the living and the dead? Is it because they provide such a powerfully visual window to our ancient past?

Whatever the reason, there is little doubt that mummies are one of the world’s most fascinating subjects. And there is perhaps no more fascinating civilization than Egypt, in large part because of the great mummies that have been discovered in modern times.

In Egypt 3D: Secrets of the Mummies, audiences will explore the fascinating world of Egypt through its ancient mummies and monuments. They will be taken back in time to a world full of wonder, mystique and intrigue, exploring Egypt through the dramatic canvass of the large-format screen.

Modern Egyptologists have coined the term "embalmed evidence" to convey how mummies can provide clues to the distant past. By studying mummies, and their archeological resting places, we obtain a unique window into ancient Egyptian culture, religion, medicine, and so many other aspects of the daily life of this great ancient civilization. The Egyptians’ mummy-making culture was not the first, nor the last, or even the longest. But it was the greatest.

Audiences will discover how the ancient Egyptians developed a more complex belief system, magic, and art of embalming their dead than any other people in history. For countless millennia, the rhythm of the Nile has been the pulse, the heartbeat, of Egypt. The three seasons, the Inundation, Emergence, and Summer, signified death, resurrection and the regeneration of life to the ancient Egyptians, and it echoed and resonated in every aspect of their society. Ancient peoples knew their place in the world, and it was very small. Their destinies all too often were tossed on the unseen waves of fate. They understood those forces to be the wishes of gods, whose wills their dead ancestors might influence.

Mummifying their dead was a response to their helplessness; an attempt to take control over their future. By revering their ancestors, they hoped to gain better control of their destiny. The giant screen will provide appropriate scale, and will help to explain the motives of the ancients who mummified their dead.

Egypt 3D: Secrets of the Pharaohs will be part historic journey and part scientific adventure. The key historical thread of the film will be the re-enactment of one of the great discoveries in modern history: the late 19th century find of a cache of forty mummies, including twelve Kings of Egypt, among them the legendary Rameses the Great. This real life Indiana Jones adventure of grave robbers and hidden treasure will be interwoven with the tale of the evolution of science. We will also “fall further back” to re-enact moments during Ramses the Great’s time over 3,000 years ago.

We will see one of the great ancient marvels of the world, Abu Simbel, being built. We will witness the grandeur and spectacle of ancient Egypt, and meet both Ramses and the love of his life, Queen Nefertari. From destructive beginnings in the Middle Ages, when mummies were ground to powder as medicinal cures for wealthy Europeans, to the destructive unwrapping techniques employed by scientists in the 19th and 20th centuries, to today’s non-invasive CAT scans, we are learning from our ancestors. Audiences will see how mummies serve as important time capsules of a distant past.

From a scientific standpoint, a mummy is in many respects much more interesting than a skeleton, as the soft tissue contains a great deal of information that bone does not. The film will explain how the modern analysis of mummies and their ancient DNA is not only increasing our understanding of ancient Egypt, but providing potentially valuable clues to our future as well. Mummies are about life: life in ancient times, and the implications for life today and into the future.

Finally, the film will go on location with some of today’s most noted Egyptologists—individuals who to this day are advancing our knowledge and depth of understanding of the great civilization of ancient Egypt. Take a journey with us as we rediscover the tombs of the great Pharaohs of Egypt, and explore how these mummies provide a window into the life of ancient Egypt as well our world today.


NSW Curriculum Links:
Stage 3 HSIE: Early Civilizations
Stage 4 History: Ancient Societies (eg Egypt)
Stage 6 History: Ancient History, Investigating the Past, Archaeology and Science, Historical Investigation.
HSC:      Ancient Societies, Personalities in Their Times, Historical Periods

Recommended Joint Package excursion with the  Nicholson Museum.

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