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The Human Body

The Human Body

  • RELEASE: 14 Oct 2001
  • RUNTIME: 45 Mins
  • Rating: G - General


The Human Body is best suited to Stage 3 school students (years 5/6) and above. It contains scenes of childbirth and a discussion of the topic of puberty. Teachers are encouraged to read more about the film, watch the trailers or preview the film beforehand if they have any concerns about the suitability of the film for their students. The film is rated G and is very popular with schools.


The speeding impulse of a brain cell racing at 250 miles-per-hour… the quivering dance of hairs in our ear, so small that 10,000 bunched together are thinner than one strand of hair from our head… the 100-mile trek of a red blood cell, only thousandths of an inch in size, through our vast, tangled network of veins, arteries and capillaries… or the miraculous genetic fusion of parental DNA that signals the beginning of a unique new life.

All these extraordinary occurrences are routine events for our bodies, yet almost all are hidden from our view.

The Human Body is a Discovery Pictures/BBC co-production in association with the Maryland Science Center and the Science Museum, London. Narrated by Dr. Robert Winston, Europe's leading infertility specialist and frequent media commentator.

The 43-minute film builds on the international success of the Peabody Award-winning Intimate Universe: The Human Body co-produced by TLC and the BBC. That eight-hour television series told the inspiring story of human biology from conception to death.

The Human Body film goes beyond the television series, taking the audience on a fantastic voyage with incredible detail and sound. The film explores the complexities of the human body by investigating, in great detail, the myriad functions the body performs routinely every day. It investigates and portrays the human body in ways never seen before - from the progression and culmination of a pregnancy to thermal imagery and X-ray techniques. This film brings images to the audience on a scale never before captured in the history of cinema.

The Human Body examines a day in the life of the body as it diligently goes about its complex set of everyday chores. But more than a science lesson in biology, The Human Body takes us on an exhilarating personal journey of discovery about what it means to be human. Using innovative filmmaking techniques, combined with the latest medical and scientific imaging, it shows us the ordinary miracles that keep our bodies running at full steam from morning 'til night and the extraordinary marvels of life.

Running time 45 minutes.

The Human Body General
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