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Christopher Nolan Dreams Big

by Julie Brown

Christopher Nolan is no stranger to the power of the giant IMAX format, having used the large format film to shoot key sections of the blockbuster hit, The Dark Knight, with spectacular results. With Inception's debut on Thursday 22 July, we can certainly expect big things from the film's IMAX season. The biggest images, combine with 15,000 watts of digital, laser-aligned sound and a steeply-raked stadium-style auditorium to create a truly immersive film experience. At IMAX, you're not just watching Inception's dream, you're in it!

Don't just take our word for it, listen to award-winning director Christopher Nolan talk about the experience of seeing Inception at IMAX.


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We're getting a make-over!

We're getting a make-over!

Coming soon to Darling Harbour 2020

By: Miya Spears 19 Sep

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