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2013 Teacher Survey results are in!

by Julie Brown

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback in our 2013 Teacher Survey. 300 teachers gave responses and big IMAX congratulations go to Andrew Pigram from Parkes HS who is our grand prize winner. Fifty other teachers have each won an IMAX VIP pass to a movie of their choice. Once again thanks to everyone who gave their time in completing the survey.

We'd like to share with you some of the results here:

  • 98% of teachers said they would recommend IMAX to other teachers 
  • 26% of teachers had visited IMAX on a school excursion in the past year; 34% had visited 2-3 times in the past 5 years
  • 60% of teachers rated the service at the Theatre as "excellent"; another 30% rated the service as "good" 
  • 26% of teachers said the quality of film presentations was "exceptional"; 55% said the film presentations were "very high" quality
  • ANTARCTICA was rated as the favourite film among teachers, a film we have had screening here for the past 16 years, although during that time we have replaced the print 3 times to keep up with the massive school demand for this excellent Australian title. 51% of teachers rated it as their favourite.
  • Under the Sea 3D was second favourite (46%), followed in order by The Last Reef 3D (38%), Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure (36%) and The Human Body (32%)
  • Also very popular were Forces of Nature, Hubble 3D, Egypt 3D: Secrets of the Mummies and Bugs! 3D.
  • 35% of those surveyed said they attend Teacher Previews "only sometimes" while 7% said they "always" attend and 27% "frequently"
  • 27% said they had never attended a FREE Teacher Preview! Teachers, be sure you SUBSCRIBE TO MYMAX and tick the "education newsletter option" and we'll send you invitations to all the free screenings we hold for teachers each year. Take a look at pictures from our last TEACHER PREVIEWS held for Flight of the Butterflies 3D and Titans of the Ice Age 3D. The previews are always really well attended and lots of fun, we always provide food & drink, plus family and friends receive discounts. The feeddback is always very positive, so if you haven't been to a preview, we hope to see you in September when we launch HIDDEN UNIVERSE 3D!
  • 40% of teachers said they always used the online resources for films; 41% they sometimes use the resources. Be sure to use the SCHOOL RESOURCES "widget" located on the right hand side of the School home page.
  • 84% said it's easy to book an excursion at IMAX
  • 52% of teachers said they are very likely to extremely likely to book an excursion this year
  • Great news is that the website is doing its job! Sending an ONLINE BOOKING ENQUIRY is the most popular way of booking an excursion. 33% still like the phone and 27% prefer email.
  • And again, the IMAX Darling Harbour WEBSITE is the most popular source of general information about excursions and films at IMAX, with 66% of teachers rating it as their No. 1 information source. Email newsletters come second at 63% and the printed newsletter still rates well at 41%. 
  • 58% of teachers said the email newsletters were extremely or very valuable to them. Do you receive the IMAX Education enewsletter? VIEW SAMPLE ENEWSLETTER
  • 81% said they use the IMAX website to find SCHOOL SESSION TIMES! Great stuff.
  • 70% of respondents described themselves as class teachers; 18% head teachers.
  • 47% of teachers were PRIMARY; 49% SECONDARY 


Here's a selection of additional comments given by teachers:

"IMAX offers our students a type of experience many will have never thought existed!"

"great resources available online"

"a win-win all round for both kids and teachers!"

"a wonderful experience for our children... (they) talk about it for days afterwards"

"meaningful learning as the students were highly engaged"

"staff were helpful and friendly"

"all my students look forward to these excursions"

"location is easy to access"

"I love where you are in Darling Harbour"

"staff helpful in organising the excursion"

"excursion ran smoothly"

"I can't really imagine a study of Antarctica without the IMAX experience"

"The visuals are brilliant and the chilren are left in awe"

"Always amazing footage"

"Our students LOVE the big screen format"

"Excellent quality, reasonably priced, other attractions in the same area, risk assessment done by IMAX, educationally sound"

"I regularly recommend IMAX to other teachers"

"The children have fun while learning"

"All students love it - simple!"

Things we are taking away from the survey to work on and improve:

  • How to schedule free previews to make them more accessible to regional and other teachers who can't get here on Sunday mornings or after school mid-week.
  • Adding guest speakers back into the teacher preview program
  • Distribution of passes for teachers to see documentaries at their leisure
  • More behind-the-scenes footage screened at teacher previews
  • Keeping the refreshments at previews flowing!


Thanks once again for your fantastic contributions. We really appreciate everyone's time and the genuine nature of feedback provided to us. See you at the Theatre again soon.

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