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Learn about the IMAX difference and what it means to you.

by Julie Brown

Why See It In IMAX? Take a video tour of IMAX's technology headquarters plus much more. Learn about what goes on behind the scenes at IMAX.

In a series of video clips, we take a look behind the scenes and learn what sets IMAX apart from all the rest. Tour IMAX's technology HQ in Toronto , learn about what's involved in making IMAX movies, see the cameras and take a look at how theatre geometry helps make your movie experience the world's best.

There is a series of "IMAX 101" videos which help explain topics like 3D, IMAX DMR, Theatre Geometry and IMAX Sound. These are highly recommended if you want to understand more about what makes IMAX so different from other cinema experiences.

Click the image below to visit Why See It In IMAX, watch the clips and learn a whole lot more!

Why See It In IMAX?

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We're getting a make-over!

We're getting a make-over!

Coming soon to Darling Harbour 2021

By: Miya Spears 19 Sep

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