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We're getting a make-over!

by Miya Spears

Home to the world's biggest cinema screen and one of the most successful IMAX theatres globally, we will start our program of renewal late 2016. The 25th September 2016 marks the last day of trading in the existing iconic building, which will be demolished and an even more impressive building and IMAX cinema will be constructed in its place.

Maintaining our title as the world’s largest cinema screen, the all-new IMAX Sydney will be housed alongside a 588 room six-star W Hotel and 20,000 square metres of restaurants and retail. Upgrades to the cinema will see it become one of the world's most advanced IMAX theatres with 430 luxury seats and the very latest laser IMAX projection and sound system.

Providing the ultimate immersive cinema experience, the new IMAX laser projector will fill the large screen with the brightest and clearest images ever seen for the cinema, and the 12 channel sound system will offer unparalleled sound clarity.

Included in the plans is a new premium 40-seat luxury cinema auditorium that will provide patrons with the opportunity to watch select films in a private and luxurious setting while enjoying catered meals from surrounding restaurants.

Since our opening on 25 September 1996, over ten million patrons have attended the IMAX Sydney. The giant screen, IMAX-exclusive films and powerful sound system have made the theatre a go-to for movie lovers. With our central location in Darling Harbour, IMAX is a key attraction for the busy leisure precinct and as well as attracting several hundred thousand movie enthusiasts every year. It is also a key excursion venue for schools with over 80,000 students visiting annually to watch the unique documentaries.

We'll be back, 2019.


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