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The History of IMAX

It all began when a small group of Canadian experimental filmmakers came together to produce a multi-screen film installation at EXPO ‘67 in Montreal. The installation was part of a competition to create the first truly large-screen film experience. The filmmakers did it by syncing nine projectors together. It was a huge technological challenge... And they pulled it off!

The IMAX Experience

It is going to the theatre to forget you’re at the movies. Sitting there, without the slightest doubt, convinced you’re someplace else. Going, in the space of minutes, to a place that’s frightening, intense, heart-rending, altogether magical – a place you’ve never been before.

Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan says IMAX is the best format

The Dark Knight Rises is one of the year's hotly anticipated films and we know there are many IMAX fans out there keen to be among the first to experience director Christopher Nolan's work on the world's largest screen possible.

James Cameron talks the future of 3D

James Cameron talks to the New York Times about Avatar, Titanic, Cleopatra and the future of 3D

Christopher Nolan Dreams Big

Christopher Nolan is no stranger to the power of the giant IMAX format, having used the large format film to shoot key sections of the blockbuster hit, The Dark Knight, with spectacular results.

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