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Out with the old screen and in with the new!

The world's biggest IMAX screen has (temporarily) come down in preparation for the new screen installation. At about 8.30am this morning, a team of riggers climbed to the top of the auditorium and set the screen free from the scaffolding holding it up from behind.

Why Director Brad Bird used IMAX cameras when filming key scenes in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

When you watch Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol be sure to see on a giant IMAX screen, just the director Brad Bird intended.


Download essential information for planning a school excursion to IMAX in Darling Harbour.

Take the IMAX Fast-Track when you buy tickets online

When you book tickets online at the IMAX Theatre in Darling Harbour, you'll have the opportunity to CHOOSE YOUR OWN SEAT.

James Cameron talks the future of 3D

James Cameron talks to the New York Times about Avatar, Titanic, Cleopatra and the future of 3D

Astronauts as filmmakers in the making of Hubble 3D

Astronauts as filmmakers in the making of Hubble 3D

Christopher Nolan Dreams Big

Christopher Nolan is no stranger to the power of the giant IMAX format, having used the large format film to shoot key sections of the blockbuster hit, The Dark Knight, with spectacular results.

Take a Tour of the Projection Booth

The projection booth is where all the giant action starts at IMAX Sydney. Its not your run of the mill cinema projector here though.

Getting it together for the Big Screen

It might surprise you to know that many films don't arrive at the Theatre pre-assembled.

European Catering at work on the premiere of The Alps

When it comes to events big or small, IMAX in Darling Harbour is guaranteed to make an impact.

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