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Extraordinary learning experiences start here!

IMAX is the ultimate educational film experience. With crystal clear images projected onto the world's biggest cinema screen (yes, it is the BIGGEST!), IMAX has the power to take your students to places they may have only dreamed of visiting. Designed to educate and enlighten as much as they are to entertain, IMAX films offer educators a powerful teaching tool that is easily integrated into curriculum. And they provide students with unique and exciting opportunities to explore new worlds and new ideas.

Last chance to visit IMAX in 2016!

Last chance to visit IMAX in 2016!

The IMAX Theatre will close at the end of Term 3 2016 for a major refurbishment. The brand new IMAX Theatre is scheduled to reopen in 2019. Book your last IMAX excursion for 2016 this term!

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Planning & Prices

Planning & Prices

How much does it cost? Are there discounts for schools? Do teachers go free? What if I want to book two films in one day? How far ahead should I book? What’s the best method of making an excursion booking? What about Risk Assessment? Is there a Schools FAQ sheet to download? All these questions and more are answered here! Read More

Excursion Packages

Excursion Packages

IMAX offers teachers a range of cost-effective, educationally themed packages to help create a value-for-money full day excursion for students. Why see just one film, when there’s so much on our doorstep here in Darling Harbour? See two IMAX films in one day or create a Joint Excursion Package with one of our venue partners. Read More

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Contact our friendly Education team to book your next school excursion.  Check session times for schools up to 12 months ahead.

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Risk assessment

All your questions about Risk Assessment for School Excursions are answered in our detailed Venue Safety Information Guide.

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